Additional Resources

Advanced Child Tax Credit Payment Acknowledgement (PDF)

Business Entity Comparison Chart (PDF)

Business Entity Pros and Cons (PDF)

Business Use of Home (PDF)

Capital Gains and Losses (PDF)

Charitable Cash Donation Tracker (PDF)

Charitable Contributions Guide (PDF)

Client Intake Form 2021 (PDF)

College Financial Aid Planning (PDF)

Death of a Taxpayer (PDF)

Dependent Support Worksheet (PDF)

Divorce and Taxes (PDF)

Early Retirement Distributions (PDF)

Education Tax Benefits (PDF)

Employee or Independent Contractor (PDF)

Engagement Letter (PDF)

Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, Transfer of Assets (PDF)

Estimated Taxes (PDF)

Families With Children (PDF)

Farm Vehicles and Fuels (PDF)

Gift Tax  (PDF)

Health Care Reform Cost Sharing Subsidy for Individuals with High-Deductible Plans (PDF)

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) (PDF)

High-Income Taxpayers (PDF)

Hobby vs. Business (PDF)

Identity Theft and Your Taxes (PDF)

Individual Retirement Accounts Kinds of IRAs and Prohibited Transactions  (PDF)

Individual Retirement Accounts Roth IRAs (PDF)

Individual Retirement Accounts Traditional IRAs  (PDF)

Itemized Deductions Homeowners (PDF)

Itemized Deductions Medical Expenses (PDF)

Mileage and Expense Log (PDF)

Moving Expenses (PDF)

Newlyweds Tax Tips (PDF)

Noncash Charitable Donation Tracker (PDF)

Pension Income Planning (PDF)

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Recovery Rebate Credit Acknowledgement (PDF)

Referrals Appreciated (PDF)

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Retirement Income (PDF)

Saving for College (PDF)

Social Security and Medicare (PDF)

Starting a Business (PDF)

What Should You Do if You Cannot Pay Your Taxes (PDF)

f8332-exemption release (PDF)